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New to sales CRM?

Know why your sales team needs CRM. Sales CRM systems are designed to help you sell fast and effortlessly. It allows businesses to create sales pipelines, track customers, and gain visibility on various sales opportunities.

If your organisation is looking for a holistic solution to manage the sales team, invest in a CRM now. Here are some significant benefits of sales CRM software:


Capture leads effortlessly

Capture leads and sales enquiries from websites, emails, social channels, phone calls, and trade fairs.

Close deals faster

With a CRM your teams are always on the same page and have complete visibility into your sales pipeline.

Contact management

Maintain a unified repository of customer information so that sales reps have all the required data at their fingertips.

Stay Ahead

When you invest in the right software for your sales team they can focus on what matters—winning over more customers and closing deals. build custom CRM’s that keep track of your conversations, alerts you when it’s time to make a call, and many more features to help you manage your enquiries.

Benefits Of A Custom CRM

Sales efficiency: Teams can manage processes throughout the sales cycle, from lead capture, contact management to quotations and proposals.

Personalise service: Know what your customers want and provide a personalised experience by accessing contact details, preferences, and conversation records.

Reports and analytics: Real-time reports give access to vital metrics such as targets, actual sales, forecasts, and agent performance assessment.

Build customer relationships: Sales is all about forging long-term relationships, and a sales CRM tool helps in anticipating your customers’ needs to provide an excellent experience.

Super-easy to use: Designed to help your teams spend more time with customers and less on entering data.

Assign leads to right sales rep: Automatically assign leads to agents based on location, deal size, availability, language, or other preferences.

Schedule meetings with ease: Schedule meetings in a single click without the hassle of back-and-forth emails. Pre-meeting reminders minimises chances of a no-show.

Save time: Automate administrative tasks and save time on scheduling appointments, sending sequence emails, and follow-ups.

Contact management: Maintain a unified repository of customer information so that sales reps have all the required data at their fingertips.

Internal communication: Allow team members to share documents quickly, and improve communication between departments.

Close deals faster: The easy to use interface means the team doesn’t waste time on the tool and can focus on what matters most – closing deals faster.

Full featured helpdesk: Drive customer delight with our easy to use support features. Automate the support process and empower teams to respond faster to requests.

Respond instantly to generate more conversions: Nurture leads with automated Email campaigns. Analyse campaign performance, open rates, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes to tweak your messaging and targeting.

Social Media Marketing

We develop social media marketing strategies that grow brand awareness, build upon your existing relationships, and increase relevant traffic.

Google Adwords

We manage your online advertising campaigns and utilise targeted and cost-effective techniques that turn searchers into customers.

SEO Management

Through in-depth keyword strategy and technical SEO support, we work to drive traffic to your website by enhancing your presence on major search engines.

Key Features

Contact Management

Know your contacts better

Deal & Opportunity Management

Win Deals Faster



Schedule appointments faster

Email Marketing

Engage customers effortlessly

Sales Insights

Analytics and Insights



Build reports from CRM data



Get help from your team

Calendar & Tasks

Meetings & tasks synced in the calendar


Automate repetitive tasks

What else does websi offer?

Search Engine Optimisation

Through keyword analysis and our knowledge of SEO developments, we work to drive traffic to your website by enhancing your presence on major search engines.

CMS & E-commerce

We have staff members that are certified in industry-leading content management and ecommerce solutions. Our team is technology-agnostic and will work with you to implement any platform that fits your business goals and objectives. We also offer platform upgrade services to enhance and improve performance.

Graphic Design

From stunning, responsive websites, bespoke logo design and eye-popping animations to brochures, business cards and posters – we thrive on delivering your project on deadline and within budget, helping you to meet your strategic business objectives.

Wordpress CMS Training

We find Wordpress the most important training to undertake before any handover is complete. It is important that your website is updated as your company evolves, and we have the training specialists ready to enable you to take full control of your content.

Brochure Design

Brochures are one of the most valuable sales tools a company can use to raise brand awareness. Engaging, tactile and easily shared, your brochure should be a feast for the eyes that effectively communicates your message and helps you to achieve your objectives.

Dedicated Hosting

Our sophisticated cloud hosting and management services leverage the world's leading cloud platform, to offer you the flexibility and security you need.

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