Domain Investment Advice

In 2009, an investor sold “” for $16 million (no, that’s not a typo) — a transaction that put the power of domain name investment solidly on the map.

Since then, the value of domain names has increased, with the world’s most expensive publicly reported ( name weighing in at a value of $49.7 million. And although domains like “insure” or “car insurance” are at the extreme end of the scale, a wealth of domains sell for hundreds of dollars every single day.

Simply, Domain Investment can be a great investment asset because of how quickly they can increase the value of your business. When search engines make major changes, domain names are more likely to retain their rankings and higher visibility on the web, and brands are most likely to keep their reputation.

So even if your current business isn’t doing so well now, investing in a domain name could help you build your future success.

Of course, the monetary part of all domain investing strategies is the most common reason to start. With domain values increasing each year and businesses increasing their ROI, it’s certainly one of the best investments you can get into.

If you’re looking for advice to start investing in domain names, we at Websi have experts on board to provide you with the best advices, absolutely for free!